Severine SIERENS  -  Es clarinet, Bes clarinet
Leen COREMANS   -  Bes clarinet
Sofie HUGO  -  basset horn, Bes clarinet
Anneleen NAUWELAERTS  -  bass clarinet


Already with her promising debut in 2004, at that time still as an ambitious chamber music project in the context of conservatory studies, Solido managed to impress the jury. Hence the professional continuation of this project was obvious. Since then, Solido has built a reputation as a young, passionate and versatile ensemble, which guarantees an intense and haunting musical experience. Today, for Solido the ladies still gladly clear their busy schedules, which include activities as a soloist, conductor and teacher.

The young and female cast breaths new life into the classical repertoire, while colorizing even the most demanding contemporary work in a way accessible to a wide audience. Centuries-old heritage and modernism stand shoulder to shoulder, as in a bustling metropolis. Who reads the individual biographies of the members will not be surprised that in view of their skills the young ladies prefer musical challenges in which virtuosity, sense of timing, rich dynamics and contrasts, colorization and not in the least sleight of hand play a crucial role. Also by using four different clarinets, including the less usual basset horn, the sound of Solido covers a wide spectrum of sounds.

Besides the basic configuration as a quartet, according to the occasion the ensemble is also active in other formations such as trio or duo, and yet or not supplemented by a soloist, orchestra or backing band. Projects range from educational youth projects and theater productions to collaborations with contemporary composers, and sometimes go far beyond the classical genre. After ten years of existence, the ladies can present a nice curriculum and Solido is a welcome guest at numerous concerts, receptions and musical events at home and abroad.